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temBoard UI howto

First connection

Once temboard is up and running, it’s time to try a first connection to the web interface with a web browser using https at the address https://<temboard-host>:8888/.


You should get a login box. The default administration account is admin, the password is admin. Obviously, this password MUST be changed as soon as possible. To edit user’s profile, please login and go to Settings -> User list then Edit on the corresponding row.

Edit admin user

Currently, when a logged in user changes its password, the error message Restricted area... is raised, this behaviour is due to the expiration of user session when the password has been changed. Go back to the login page and fill the form with the new password.

User and user group creation

User access controls to instances managed by temboard are based on group belonging. Each instance can belong to N instance group, each user can belong to N user group. Each user group is granted or not to access an instance group. You must be logged in with a user having administration privileges to manage users.

User group creation

Go to Manage-> User groups, then + Add a new user group. Please fill the form and Save.

Add user group

User group attributes

  • Groupe name: Groupe name, must be unique;
  • Description: Group description.

User creation

To add a new user, go to Manage -> Users, then + Add a new user.

Add user

User attributes

  • Username: User name used for login, must be unique;
  • Password: User password;
  • Email: User email address;
  • Groups: user groups list the user belongs to;
  • Active: Is the user active or not, if not he won’t be able to login;
  • Administrator: Does the user get administration rights to create other users, instances etc..

Managing instances

You must be logged in with a user having administration privileges.

Create a new instance group

To create a new instance group, go to Manage -> Instance groups, then + Add a new instance group.

Add instance group

Instance group attributes

  • Group name: Groupe name, must be unique;
  • Description: Groupe description;
  • User Groups: List of user group allowed to access instances from this instance group.

Add a new instance

Go to Manage -> Instances, then + Add a new instance.

Add instance

Instance attributes

  • Agent address: IPv4 address that the agent is listening on;
  • Agent port: Port number that the agent is listening on;
  • Groups: Instance groups this instance belongs to.
  • Active plugins: plugins enabled for this instance. Selected plugins must be loaded by the agent too.

Last update: 2022-06-14