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temBoard is a powerful management tool for PostgreSQL. You can use it to monitor, optimize or configure multiple PostgreSQL instances.


  • Manage hundreds of instances in one interface.
  • Fleet-wide and per-instance dashboards.
  • Monitor PostgreSQL with advanced metrics.
  • Manage running sessions.
  • Track bloat and schedule vacuum on tables and indexes.
  • Track slow queries.
  • Tweak PostgreSQL configuration.

All of this from a web interface.



You can run a complete testing environment based on Docker Compose, follow the quickstart guide for more details.


temBoard requires Python 3 and supports PostgreSQL 9.6 to 15. temBoard is composed of 2 services:

  • A lightweight agent to install on every PostgreSQL server to monitor and manage.
  • A central server controlling the agents, collecting metrics and presenting it on a web UI.

Dalibo ships packages for RHEL and Debian systems. For a regular installation, follow the Installation guide.


temBoard is open source software, developed by Dalibo Labs and availabled under the PostgreSQL license.

Last update: 2022-10-19