Upgrade 6.X to 7.0

Update agents

temBoard UI 7.0 is compatible with agent 6.X. Still, we suggest you to upgrade agents to 7.0.

Note: An upgrade of the agent is required if you want to use the new statements plugin.

Stop service

Stop temboard service:

sudo systemctl stop temboard

Update package

Update temboard package with your preferred installation method.

Upgrade database structure

With the addition of the statements plugin, an upgrade of the repository database schema is required.

First of all, please make sure that you first did the upgrade from 5 to 6. This is very important!

Then apply repository database structure upgrade with the following command:

$ sudo -u temboard temboard-migratedb upgrade

Start service

Start temboard service:

sudo systemctl start temboard

Activate statements plugin

Open temBoard in your browser and activate the statements plugin for the different instances on which you want to use it.