Upgrade 4.x to 5.0 (RHEL/CentOS)

Stop temboard service:

sudo systemctl stop temboard

New package installation:

sudo yum install temboard

Upgrade repository database schema:

$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dalibo/temboard/master/share/sql/upgrade-4-5.sql | sudo -u postgres psql temboard


$ sudo -u postgres psql -U postgres -1 -f \
     /usr/share/temboard/sql/upgrade-4-5.sql temboard

To enable monitoring data purge policy, you need to update temboard.conf by adding the [monitoring] section and configure purge_after parameter. This parameter configures the amount of monitoring data, expressed in day, to keep in the repository. The purge policy is applied every 24 hours.

Start temboard service:

sudo systemctl start temboard

Pull mode

Version 5 comes with a new way to collect monitoring data from the agents. Before this version, agents were pushing monitoring data to temboard server. Starting from version 5, temboard server is now able to pull monitoring data if the target agent has been deployed in version 5 or upper. The server still supports push mode for the agents still running in version 4.