temboard configuration

The configuraton file

The configuration file temboard.conf is formated using INI format.

Configuration parameters are distributed under sections:


This is the main section grouping core parameters :

  • port Port number that temboard will listen on. Default: 8888

  • address IP v4 address that temboard will listen on. Default:

  • ssl_cert_file Path to SSL certificate file (.pem). Default: empty

  • ssl_key_file Path to SSL private key file. Default: empty

  • ssl_ca_cert_file File where to store each agent's SSL certificate. Comment it to disable SSL certifcate checks. Default: empty

  • cookie_secret Secret key used to crypt cookie content. Default: empty;

  • plugins Array of plugin name to load. Default: ["monitoring", "dashboard", "pgconf", "activity", "maintenance", "statements"]


Connection parameters to the data repository aka temboard database.

  • host Repository host name or address. Default: /var/run/postgresql

  • port Repository port number. Default: 5432

  • user Connection user. Default: temboard

  • password User password. Default: temboard

  • dbname Database name. Default: temboard


How and where to log.

  • method Method used to send the logs: stderr, syslog or file. Default: stderr

  • facility Syslog facility. Default: local0

  • destination Log file path. Default: /dev/log

  • level Log level, can be set to DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR or CRITICAL. Default: INFO


This section groups SMTP and Twilio parameters to send notifications.

  • smtp_host SMTP host. Default: empty

  • smtp_port SMTP port. Default: empty

  • smtp_tls Enable TLS connexion. Default: False

  • smtp_login SMTP login. Default: empty

  • smtp_password SMTP password. Default: empty

  • smtp_from_addr SMTP from address. Default: empty

  • twilio_account_sid Twillio account SID. Default: empty

  • twilio_auth_token Twilio authentication token. Default: empty

  • twilio_from Twilio from phone number Default: empty


Parameters related to the monitoring plugin.

  • purge_after Set the amount of data to keep, expressed in days. Default: empty


Parameters related to the statements plugin.

  • purge_after Set the amount of data to keep, expressed in days. Default: 7