[3.0] - 2019-03-XX


  • Full screen mode for home page by @pgiraud
  • Full screen mode for dashboard by @pgiraud
  • Limit double authentication to not read only APIs by @pgiraud
  • Maintenance plugin by @pgiraud
  • Collapsible sidebar by @pgiraud
  • New monitoring probes: replication lag and connection, temporary files by @julmon
  • UI functional tests by @bersace
  • Support Tornado 4.4 and 5 by @bersace
  • Add auto configuration script by @bersace
  • Show number of waiting/blocking req in activity tabs by @pgiraud
  • Show availability status on home page by @pgiraud



  • pg_hba.conf and pg_ident.conf edition removed from pgconf plugin by @pgiraud


  • Avoid monitoring data to get stuck in agent sending queue by @julmon
  • Documentation cleaning and updates by @bersace
  • Limit useless rollback statements on read only queries (repository database) by @pgiraud